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Dismantle the Racist System: A message from our Founder

Agape Crochet exists to Develop Confidence and Build Unity. However, we aren't feeling very unified with the current state of the country. This division isn't based on race- Black vs. White. Instead, it is between those who see color and those who don't. It is between those who sit by and allow both covert and overt racism to happen and those whose mission is to dismantle it.

Agape Crochet has been and continues to be on the side of dismantling both covert and overt racism. We encourage you to find resources to educate yourself on how to dismantle racism. We encourage you to find organizations to donate to and/or volunteer with. We all have a role to play in dismantling this system. I hope you play yours.

-Nikita Akita Felix Founder of Agape Crochet

Photo Cred: IG: @dawsonink

Photo Cred: IG:@dawsonink

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