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Protect Your Light

Your light is a representation of who you are. As you mature into yourself, your light brightens and manifests itself out into the crevices of the Universe.

Your light’s goal is to leave a positive impression on someone’s heart. Like your fingerprint, all lights are different because they all manifest from a different soul. Your light shouldn’t be compromised and it should never be goaded into averting its taste or impact. It should be this raw, potent, and unapologetic thing that hits hard but wipes away all negativities – like drinking that nasty a$$ medicine that’s hard to swallow but makes you instantly feel better.

Some lights that I have encountered made me feel safe, empowered, loved, not judged, free to be myself, and full of joy. When you are a light onto others, these are some of the things your genuine self will make others feel. And it can happen whether you are quiet, boisterous, confident, or still coming into who you are.

As I journey towards cultivating this light that make others feel positive, sometimes I revert to my old self – someone who is harsh, aggressive, and doesn't speak, approach, or think with love. During these times my light is flickering like a weak candle flame, but I know it's not out. There is always enough time for me to catch it in its flickering stage and strengthen it. And more importantly, even my weak flicker means something to somebody somewhere, so it’s important that I keep feeding life into that little flame. The more I strengthen my light, the more I am equipped to make others around me feel purposed, positive, and full of potential.

“ And if your gift is to make people. feel. something. do not cover that in apology. do not lie. to accommodate others’ fear of feeling.”

- Nayyirah Waheed


When you cultivate your own light you are creating joy, confidence, peace, self-affirmation, self-worth, and everything that's good for the soul. And this light that you cultivate for yourself can never be taken from you by anyone, no matter how hard they may try. I knowwwwwwww, you might be thinking of the most gruesome circumstances and you may be saying, "Nah I didn’t give up my light, s/he took it from me.”

But think of a candle stick: one candle’s flame can light a million other candles and still maintain its heat. So no one can ever take your light away, no matter how much you pour into those around you – good or bad. When we are in these gruesome circumstances – whatever yours were or still happen to be – it is our goal to take the necessary steps to recognize that our individual lights still breathe in spite of all the difficult times and to make sure our lights – our joy, confidence, peace, self-affirmation, self-worth – never go out. It might start flickering, but it is still alive. And your job is to feed it and bring it back to its full strength.

There will always be people who are intimidated by our light. You may have even heard someone say things like "I don’t know WHAT it is but I can't STAND her!" While we need to be aware of these people, even more so, we need to super vigilant of people who treat our light like a child treats a new toy.

This specific group of people- unlike the group of people who are intimidated by our light- are in awe of our light because it's absolutely new to them and they've never encountered it before. But after having it for a while, they are tired and bored and they put it down for something shinier and more appealing. Keep in mind, nothing is wrong with it, it's just that the person needs the thrill of a new thing.

People who are infatuated with your light treat you the same. They are at first taken with your light because it's an exotic substance. But sometimes, their interest is only infatuation and not genuine, so they take and take and take from your light, and it begins to fade. It's because your light is inviting. It loves differently. It loves genuinely. It's unexplainably confident and comforting. And it brings those in your light peace. It is your responsibility to surround yourself with people who will see the value in your light, and who will treat your light like a rare collector’s item instead of a one time thrill. It is in this way that we ensure our lights shine in the brightest way possible, so we can continue to be a beacon of positivity, happiness, and an all-around “plug” to the people who come in contact with us.

Cultivate your light, don't let any wasteman or wastewoman make your light flicker, and be conscious of anyone who treats your light like a kid with a shiny new toy. You are not just shiny, you are precious.

Protect your light the way Solange protects Beyonce, Bold and Unapologetically.

Until Next time: Be Confident. Be Bold

Photo Cred: IG:@dawsonink

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