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Focus On Your Lane

Too often we try to break down a door that isn't meant for us to walk through. We take our biggest roadblocks and think “This is fine! A SET BACK is just a SET UP for a COME BACK!’ and then we try even harder to break down that door. Yes, we are encouraged to keep chasing our goals, no matter how many times we hear “NO!" But, there is a difference between chasing a goal when you are operating in your lane and chasing a goal that is not in your lane.

“My lane"? Yes, YOUR lane! When you are in your lane, you are operating 100% in your area of gifting. You do what brings you the most joy and you do it effortlessly. Your lane will have you living that cliché “If-you-love- it-you-would-do-it-for-free," life. When you are operating in your lane, even your “roadblocks" start to feel simply like opportunities to challenge yourself and grow.

"When you are in your lane,

you are operating 100%

in your area of gifting."

The one thing that is a confidence killer is being outside of your lane. You start to wonder “WHY am I not successful in this area? WHY am I not producing? WHY aren't doors opening for me to walk through? WHY is this so hard?!” You are left discouraged and unmotivated. You start to be a Peter Griffin attempting to go against Usain Bolt.

It’s in that moment that your confidence fizzles and you start saying "I am not good enough.” You start believing that you’re a failure. These thoughts push up on you, fester inside you, and they walk around with you like those last 5 pounds you can’t shake. And you want to yell "HOMIE, BACK UP OFF ME!!!!"

But wait, there’s more! Operating outside of your lane will not only short you on your goals, it will also have you chasing relationships that aren't meant for you. Professional relationships, personal friendships, intimate relationships - you name it. It’ll have you thinking “If I just push a little harder, work a little harder, BE a little better, I can have this.” But you already know the truth - chasing relationships that have reached their expiration date is extremely toxic to your body, just like rotten food. You wouldn’t want to put rotten food into your system, right? It’s the same when you’re dealing with rotten relationships. And it’s the same when you’re dealing with goals and dreams that are way past their expiration date.

Getting in your purposed lane isn’t easy, guys. Realizing that you are not in your lane requires you to be self-intuitive. It requires you to sit down with yourself and be reflective, honest, and open to change. It requires you to take risks and step out of your well-insulated comfort zone. And you know what? After all that, finding your lane will not be successful on the first try. It’ll feel risky, it’ll feel uncertain at first, and you’re sure to stumble once along the way. But let's make up our minds right now!!! Let's stumble and fall in love with our truth! Rome wasn't built in a day and you finding your lane and accomplishing your true calling also won't happen in a day. But take it from me, it is absolutely worth the journey!

So how do you know when you’re in your lane? Here are some clear, IN YOUR FACE signals:

You welcome failure - you accept the fact that you will not be as impactful as you'd want to be the first time around, but you KNOW IN YOUR HEART every stumble is a learning opportunity. You start asking yourself “What am I supposed to learn from this to grow myself? What tool have I just been armed with from this failure?"

You do not accept defeat - You learn from the failures and you allow each and every one to fuel your success. You recognize that because this is YOUR lane, you have to focus and not lose heart. Challenges start to feel less like a battle and more like an opportunity to change, to grow, and to achieve.

"What tool have I just been armed with

from this failure?".

You do not compare your backstage with anyone's centerstage - your peers are finally succeeding after their own years of failure…and you feel nothing but pride and happiness for them! Most importantly, you realize that - as rites of passage go - now it is your turn to weather the storm like all the other greats before you, and work towards that beaming, shining fluorescent neon light at the end of the tunnel.

So you decide - are you ready to find your lane?

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Until next time- Be confident. Be bold.

Photo Cred: IG:@dawsonink

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