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Job Readiness Program

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What is the Job Readiness Program?

Our goal is to provide 10-15 students of color (ages 14-18) from NYC with paid internships from July 12th-Aug 20th 2021. ​During the internship, students will attend professional development workshops as well as financial literacy workshops. We will work in small groups with students to provide individualized development based on their bi-weekly feedback survey from their internship site.  

Many families in NYC were affected by Covid-19. Data shows that 27%~ of Black families and 25% ~ of Latin X families were unemployed during the height of the Corona outbreak. NYC's most extensive summer youth employment program cut its budget by 50%, leaving many students without summer employment. So we are stepping in to provide students with paid internships. Not only will these internships help to mitigate some of the financial issues caused by Covid-19, but they will also give students transferable work skills. Which directly, closes the employment gap that students of color experience when they enter the workforce. 

If you are a student interested in becoming an intern, an organization interested in taking interns, or you are interested in donating, click below. 

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