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The Job Readiness Program

We created a Job Readiness Program to support students' developmental needs and support families during the financial hardship caused by Covid-19. 

We have a goal to raise $24,300 to stipend students during their 8-week internship. Each student will receive a total of $1,620 for the 6 weeks internship. Your donation will make an immediate and lasting impact on our students' lives.  

Some organizations are choosing to stipend students directly even if the student isn't interning at their organization. If you would like to do that, please click here

Students of color are at a disadvantage when they enter the workspace as adults because they receive little to no job readiness skills in their former years. In 2020, many families of color were affected by Covid-19. In NYC, 27%~ of Black families and 25% ~ of Latin X families were unemployed because of Covid-19. To make matters worse, the largest summer youth employment program in NYC cut its budget by 50%, leaving thousands of students without work this summer.

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